SALT visiting

SALT visiting

And again it is far too long ago since we met our favourite Africa Agency here in our office.

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No surprise at all - our team is coffee addicted!

Every morning you will find our team sitting together over a cup of coffee talking about the latest news, events, special activities, and sometimes we end up philosophizing about the entire world.

Kita Weinbergschnecke visiting

Surprise visit

Children are our future and we have a lot of "Office kids" here at Know-How.

Care Package

Care Parcels

We had some agency partners and clients that either caught the Coronavirus and needed to stay under quarantine or have been locked down completely.

25 years Know-How Cake

25 years Know-How

Over this time we met a lot of lovely agency partners around the world who are as crazy as we are. And when we got to know that our partner agency from South Africa will be in Germany for a few days, we spontaneously decided to invite the rest as well and celebrate.

About Know-How

Yes, we have 25 years of experience and yes, we are professional and customer oriented. But what makes us special? It is the great bunch of people who complement each other and simply love what they do!

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