HPESC Summercamp 2020

HPESC Summercamp 2020

Face 2 Face events are not on the agenda for most companies in 2020.

Nevertheless, employees must be motivated.

We took this as an opportunity to set up a virtual event for our long-standing customer Hewlett Packard Enterprise from Berlin. All 120 employees had the opportunity to take part in the “SummerCamp 2020” via YouTube. Mövenpick Berlin served as the venue, where we redesigned the conference room into a kind of television studio. Among other things, special guest Daniela Ben Said was added live and addressed the participants in a motivational speech. With clear words she made it clear to the audience that we can use a time of upheaval, to generate strengths from weaknesses, to rediscover capacities and to use them effectively for ourselves. In a mixture of company-specific data and facts, presentations prepared by employees and interactive games via live chat, extremely positive communication broke out during the entire three-hour performance. The non-decreasing number of viewers made it clear that the entertainment character of the show also hit the nerve of the employees online, which was made clear in the feedback during the show in the chat.

For a personal impression, the attached aftermovie offers a few beautiful scenes from our production. Have fun with it.

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